House Tour Tickets

CMOY Tickets

Annual Convention

Friday, November 17, 6:00 PM
Danforth Community Center, 200 West Avenue
Service Auction – bid high, bid often
Vote for 2018 Officers
Vote on the 2018 Budget
Keynote Speaker:  Dr. Cedric Alexander, Deputy Mayor, City of Rochester

no cost – no RSVP necessary

Here is a sneak preview of the auction on November 17:

Homemade Cookies for now and later
Nutritional grocery tour by a professional registered dietician – learn to read food labels, shop on a budget, observe dietary restrictions
Grocery shopping for someone who cannot get there
Birdwatching class for 4-5 people- consists of 3 classes, one indoor, two outdoor
Live harp music at your event
A fall prevention workshop – 2 sessions learning to prevent falls, practice balance techniques
A one-hour workshop on urban beekeeping
Creating and binding your own book – a workshop for 1 – 3 people
Conservation of a book by the Conservator of Sibley Music Library
A day on Eagle Island – explore, swim, kayak, hike… for one family or 4 adults
Personal tour for 2 people of the National Susan B. Anthony Museum and House
40# of laundry – picked up, washed, dried, folded, returned
Homemade Christmas cookies
2 hours of photography at your event
A Day on Seneca Lake – includes lunch/brunch or early dinner – a wine tour could be arranged
A cruise up the river on a 30’ sailboat, refreshments included
Breakfast and New York Times delivered to your home
Dog walking – 5x
Driveway shoveling – 5x
Apple pie
2 hours consultation for resume building and job search
Weekend babysitting
Transportation to and from the airport
A film at the Little Theatre, with donor
Homemade Pie with gluten free crust
Homemade biscotti
2 hours handy-man services
4 hours transportation and/or personal “assistance” service – shopping, visiting, …
Window repair
One-hour golf lesson
5 hours architectural study and advice – your chance to recreate your living space
A 2-hour edible gardening workshop for 5 people
Garage clean out services
Tix to a Red Wings game
Painting the walls of a 10 x 10 room
1 hour of one on one martial arts training
Meat smoking
Re-upholstery service
And there is more…..
Can’t make it to the Convention? Call the office 328-6571 on Friday, November 17, between 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM to get more information and place your bid.