Neighbor Recommended Contractors

As people who live in the 19th Ward, we understand the challenge of finding contractors to work on your house or apartment. So, we have done the work for you by collecting a list of contractors that have been recommended by people in our neighborhood to create a base of community knowledge. This list is never finished being assembled though; if you had a great experience with a contractor who you would like to recommend, send us an email at to let us know. Please include in your email your name, your address, the contractor’s name and contact information, what kind of work they do, and a short summary of why you are recommending them. We will only accept positive recommendations and only from people who have had the work done on19th Ward houses.

Plumbing and Heating

James Crowley Plumbing & Heating: 34 Thurston Rd, Rochester, NY 14619. 585-328-3100

Mike Waida Plumbing: 272 Caroline Street, Rochester, NY 146200. 585-442-8579


MG Painting (Interior Painting): 88 Glen Iris Dr, Rochester, NY 14623. 585-474-9709

Plaster and Stucco

Mike Dube Plaster & Stucco: 585-315-1640


Dan Fulmer Construction: 1600 Dewey Ave, Rochester, NY 14615. 585-458-3900

Graves Bros. Home Improvement Co.: 755 Winton Rd N., Rochester, NY 14609. 585-288-3390

RJ Damico Carpentry & General: 121 Lincoln Ave, Rochester, NY 14611. 585-454-7044


Alvis King, DBA Mid-City Electric: 803 West Ave, Suite 125, Rochester, NY 14611. 585-235-1174

JB Electrical Contracting: 5382 Ridge Chapel Rd, Marion, NY 14505. 585-770-4280

Michael Falk, Falk Electric: P.O. Box 6A, Lima, NY 14485. 585-509-1433

John Hoffman, JH Mastin Electric, 236-6631


Thomas Sinclair, First Choice Roofing: 250 Albemarle St, Rochester, NY 14613. 585-764-2163

Northeast Roofing: 10 Edyth St, East Rochester, NY 14445. 585-385-7910

Northside Company: 541 Whitney Rd W, Fairport, NY 14450. 585-381-1050

Highland Contractors: 620 S. Clinton Ave, Rochester, NY 14620. 585-507-3658

Savage & Son Home Services LLC: 4359 Lake Ave, Rochester, NY 14612. 585-342-7533

Fireplace (modification for gas insert)

Fireplace Fashions: 1936 Hudson Ave, Rochester, NY 14617. 585-266-8967


Stonelove Masonry: 1080 South Ave, Rochester, NY 14620. 585-256-1800

Metal Recovery and Recycling

Doug Wyand, Scrapahaulics: 186 Pennels Drive, Rochester, NY 14626. 585-453-0371

Snow Removal

Bob Ensman  729-5331

Clifford Florence   305-3148

Bob Perry  766-1698

Kevin Brinson 414-9049

HD Company 420-8583

Lawn Mower/Snow Blower Sales & Service

ROC Lawn Mower & Snow Blower  880 Thurston, 300-6558,