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The 19th Ward Community Association, formed in 1965, is one of the oldest Neighborhood Associations in the country. The Association formed to fight racist real estate practices, such as blockbusting and redlining, while purposefully cultivating a neighborhood that is diverse with respect to age, race, and class. We wish to celebrate our differences while uniting us as neighbors. We strive to preserve the residential character of our neighborhood, support our residents, and create opportunities that cultivate community. Learn more about our history from the history committee including a series of videos they made, see our newsletter for recent updates, and check out our events!

We are a member-supported, volunteer-run, not-for-profit organization. While donations and membership dues are crucial to our ongoing projects, anyone who lives in the 19th Ward is welcome to join at no cost. We encourage those who are able to choose the relevant level of support, and everyone can sign up or donate to specific projects at the membership and donation page.


Update 19 – September 2022

President’s Message Karen Emerson The school year has started and I am among the returning students. I am taking advantage of the MCC Senior Citizen Audit program.  Auditing for Senior Citizens | Registration & Records | Monroe Community College (monroecc.edu).  I am trying to negotiate computer issues, new material and hanging out with classmates. It reminds me of the challenges our friends and neighbors have […]

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Update 19 – August 2022

President’s Message Karen Emerson It’s the time you spent on your rose that makes your rose so important…People have forgotten this truth, but you mustn’t forget it.  The Little Prince I received a handwritten letter in the mail the other day. I did not recognize the return address or the name of the sender. It was a thank you card for the time I spent […]

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Update 19 – July 2022

President’s Message Karen Emerson Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek. – Barack Obama This quote from President Obama speaks loudly about what we as a city, county, country, and individually need to be doing to make the 19th Ward our Beloved […]

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Update 19 – June 2022

President’s Message Karen Emerson Happy Summer! What a great beginning to the season with an absolutely perfect day on Saturday June 4th  for Square Fair. The sun was shining and the people were out and having a great time. Many thanks to the Co-Chairs Tyrese Bryant and LaShay Harris and so many others, you made the day just perfect! Many bags of garbage were collected […]

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