Schools Committee


Chair: Dr. Phyllis Moss


Our goal is that the 19th ward neighborhood offer residents the opportunity for their children to attend high quality neighborhood public schools that provide a clear, stable educational path from early pre-kindergarten through comprehensive high school. The renovation of School 16 is in progress and it is planned to re-open in September 2018.  It will include a gymnasium and cafeteria in an area which can be used as a community center for after school activities.  A similar partitioning of school 10 is being planned for the renovation of that school.

Notable Projects:

We partner with the  Community  Foundation,  U of R, the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity, the Arnett library and RCSD to sponsor annual 19th Ward Spelling Bee.  All four 19th Ward schools, plus School 19 participate.  This has become one or our favorite annual activities and we encourage more community participation.

We are working to improve student outcomes through recruiting and placing volunteers to work with the students in our elementary schools.  If you want to read with a child, please contact one of the committee members or the association office, 328-6571.  Alternatively, on-line volunteer application forms can be found on the RCSD website