Update 19 – September 2023

Presidents Message

Wow September – the ninth month of the year, consisting of 30 days! For many, it is typically considered the ending of one season (summer) and the beginning of another (fall). To others it marks the time to get things in order and prepare for the future. I’m looking forward to the seasonal change and my walks with King as we enjoy the falling leaves and changing weather 🙂

September marked the beginning of the RCSD school year. We accepted Rochester Academy’s invitation to welcome their students on their first day of school. It was an exciting morning with cheers and handclapping from the fire department and neighbors, and dancing to the beat of the drums playing!

Wilson Day on August 25th was equally exciting as we hosted some of the first year students from the University of Rochester. Everyone enjoyed the Reading Circle with Dr. Phyllis Moss and the Peace Garden with Toni Nelson. Here’s a photo of our Wilson Day students and some students of the Reading Circle.

The Leadership Rochester class will be participating in small team neighborhood tours all over the city and county. They will be visiting the 19th Ward Community Association on September 22nd to learn about the neighborhood, the priorities and concerns of the 19th Ward Association and the role that our organization fulfills.

Please make sure you read the information enclosed from our Street Liaisons, John DeMott and Chris McDonald on how to make complaints and raise concerns regarding the sale of cannabis from establishments in the City of Rochester that are not legally authorized to do so.

We are in the planning stages for our Annual Convention 2023. If you are interested in helping with this annual event, please email our office manager at 19thward@19wca.org

The 19th Ward Community Cats Food Drive is Saturday, September 9th, 1-4pm in the parking lot of Genesee Baptist Church, 149 Brooks Ave.

September 18th we celebrate the Arnett Branch Library 100th Birthday, 5:30-7:30pm (310 Arnett Blvd). Hope to see you there!

Our Delegates Council are back from their summer break and will resume meetings on the second Thursday of each month at 6:30pm.

Thank you for continuing to support the 19th Ward Community Association. Stay Safe. Stay Healthy.

Josie T. McClary

President, 19th Ward Community Association


Rochester Academy Photos (no posting of children)

From our Street Liaisons John DeMott and Chris McDonald

Office of Cannabis Management Complaint process

Many have been asking for information on how to make complaints and raise concerns regarding the sale of cannabis from establishments in the City of Rochester that are not legally authorized to do so.

Below you will find information to contact the Office of Cannabis Management to make complaints.

Complaint of illegal or unlicensed places sell cannabis is handled by the New York State Office of
Cannabis Management.

The process for filing a complaint with them is;
Go to their website: https://cannabis.ny.gov/

Then scroll down to the section listed as Report an adverse event, a cannabis business issue, or a general product complaint:

Then press the Report an Incident button, and follow the instructions.

Once the complaint is submitted it will be directed to the appropriate person within the Office of Cannabis Management for follow up.

SW Business Corridor Meetings:

TBMA (Thurston/Brooks/Arnett) 9a- First Wednesday of the month in person (923 Genesee) and online

Genesee – 9a- Second Wednesday of the month in person (923 Genesee) and online 

Mt Hope – 9a – Second Thursday online

JABA (Jefferson Ave)  9a- Third Tuesday of the month online

CABA (Chili Ave) 9a – Third Wednesday of the month in person (923 Genesee) and online 

S. Plymouth 9a- Fourth Tues of the month online 

W. Main 9a- Fourth Thursday of the month online

Arnett Branch Library

19th Ward Community Cats

The 19th Ward Community Cats will be holding their Annual Cat Food Drive on Saturday, September 9 this year. They will be collecting donated bags of dry cat food from 1 to 4 pm at the parking lot of the Genesee Baptist Church, 149 Brooks Avenue. Please bring inexpensive brands like Friskies or Purina; no canned food is needed.



Southwest Quadrant
923 Genesee St.
Rochester, NY 14611
Charles Reaves, Administrator
(585) 428-7630

Neighborhood Commercial Assistance Program 

Provides small business grants for eligible retail and neighborhood service businesses which need capital for items such as advertising, furniture/fixtures/equipment, exterior signage, computers, architectural services, and security equipment (alarm systems, exterior lighting, security cameras). Start-up/New businesses (in business for up to 12 months) are eligible for up to $5,000. Existing businesses (in business for 12 months or more) are eligible for up to $8,000. All grants are reimbursement grants which requires reimbursement after the business expenditure has been made. Appropriate cost documentation is required.  

Cub Scout Troop 1965

What is the Cub Scouts Program?

The 19th Ward Community Association sponsors Cub Scout Troop 1965.  The troop is for boys and girls, kindergarten to 5th grade. It is a program where youth develop the foundations for leadership, citizenship, and personal fitness through fun activities involving parents and legal guardians

What Will I Do in Cub Scouts? 

Cub Scouting activities are designed for Scouting families to get explore the outdoors, make friends, and develop a lifelong love of learning.  As Cub Scouts earn patches related to their grades. 

How Often Do Cub Scouts Meet?         

Cub Scouts meet twice a month at School 16, 321 Post Avenue. Every other Wednesday starting September 20, 2023.

Who Runs Cub Scouts?

Parents and legal guardians of Cub Scouts work together to run the Cub Scout program. Cub Scouting offers excellent support for parents and legal guardians to deliver the program as a team through national online training and resources to local in-person coaching and mentoring. 

Why Join Cub Scouts? 

Cub Scouting encourages family fun while providing youth with a safe space to make friends and challenge themselves through age-appropriate activities. It is a program where children and parents feel like they belong to an organization that consistently reinforces worthwhile values like honesty, good conduct, and respect for others.  

How do I Join?

Go to the Scouting web site and register: https://beascout.scouting.org/

What can I do?

We are currently in need of adults who want to join in the fun of meeting neighborhood friends and families. If you have been in scouts or not it is a chance to become involved. I am the pack grandmother but we need more adults to help work with our children at different age levels. If you would like to be involved with this unit please contact Karen Emerson at 585-313-7678.


Committee Information

Reach out to our office manager if you would like to get involved.

Delegates Council

Delegates Council will meet 2nd Thursday of each month at the Arnett Branch Library except July and August. NEW TIME! 6:30pm

Garden Committee

The Garden Committee is always looking for help in maintaining our neighborhood gardens.

Communications Committee, Kate Phillips, Chair

Housing Committee

The 19th Ward Housing Committee will be restarting soon. Our meetings generally last about an hour. A City representative from Buildings and Code Enforcement attends to work with us on specific properties, concerns/issues, code enforcement, etc. 

Schools Committee

The schools committee is continuing to meet and will keep us updated on the good work they’re doing.